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altBecoming a Yarra Valley Farms Franchisee is one of the best moves we have made. You get to run your own business with the support & guidance of a team of people who all want you to succeed.

With the help of training in sales techniques & specialised sales staff I have grown my business by 40% in less than 12 months.

I have found success through good customer service & by making my customers feel that I am an extension of their business.

Lina Maggiore (January 2011)

I purchased my franchise in December 2011.

I made the decision to purchase a franchise because a wage just did not satisfy me and I want a better lifestyle so I could start a family. Since then with help of Yarra Valley Farms I have been able to double the turnover of my territory.

I am very proud to have achieved this growth and I could not have done it without the support of Yarra Valley Farms family.

Brian Ibraham (February 2014)

altWe wish we had found this business opportunity earlier.

Yarra Valley Farms has changed our lifestyles & it's a satisfying feeling to be given the chance to be our own boss.
As a Franchise owner we continually get strong support from everyone from the Directors right through to the packing & warehouse team at Yarra Valley Farms.

Having worked in a totally different field previously with no experience in the fruit & vegetable industry, running a business, Yarra Valley Farms have made the whole experience very easy & most of all very enjoyable.

We started in an area with a small amount of business after 3 and a half years we are operating two trucks, this growth would not have happened without Yarra Valley Farms help & support.

Bill & Pam Clendenning (February  2014)

Choosing to join Yarra Valley Farms was a great move for me. It has given me the opportunity to get out from behind a desk and work for my self doing something I enjoy.

The franchise system gives you support and an environment where everyone is working towards the same goal - growing the business.

With good relationships with many of my customers, work feels like a long drive home visiting friends. And best of all is the lifestyle. You get up very early, but often have the afternoon free do as you wish.

Daniel Burgoyne (January 2011)

altAt the age of 44, my goal was to achieve something for myself and my family, now at 51 years and another daughter I am in a great place.

Myself and Yarra Valley Farms have worked together to build up my area to a level which is comfortable for me to maintain and still achieve customer satisfaction.

I have also employed my wife to take care of accounts receivable and this frees my time up to take better care of my customers and also to enlist new customers. In doing this she now has more understanding of the industry and can do this from home while also attending to home duties. This I find a great help.

I have no hesitation in recommending a Yarra Valley Farms franchise to anyone but particularly a husband and wife team.

Roger Beamish (January 2011)