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Below are some quotes from our customers to support our added value in service and cost efficiencies.

Hotel, South Yarra

Yarra Valley Farms are always prompt to deliver. Especially with shorts due to errors on either side. Their produce is always of top quality and priced well. Problems are rare but when they do arise they are sorted out with a minimum of fuss.

Yvonne, Head Chef

Cafè, Melbourne

Yarra Valley Farms never let us down. They have great service and a large variety of high quality produce

Robert, Head Chef

Hotel, Melbourne

Having Roger from Yarra Valley Farms is just like having your own personal fruit and vegetable supplier.

Peter, Head Chef

Hotel, Richmond

We always get great service from Yarra Valley Farms. They are always on time, well priced, and it is great to deal with Roger.

Elliot, Soux Chef

Hotel, Warrandyte

We deal with Yarra Valley Farms because of their great service, great quality and especially because problems are followed up and sorted out quickly and efficiently.

Glen, Head Chef

Hotel, Hawthorn

Yarra Valley Farms have great quality and if there are any problems we can always rely on Roger to get things right.

Jeff, Head Chef

Hotel, Mt Eliza

Yarra Valley Farms and Chris do a great job and we are more than happy to recommend him and Yarra Valley Farms and give them an excellent reference.

Mark Ongarello, Chef

Hotel, Hastings

Chris is doing a great job in trying to save the hotel money by recommending the right products and does his utmost to assist in any way.

Nicole Cavigan, Chef

Hotel, Reservoir

In all my years as a chef Yarra Valley Farms is by far the best supplier I've ever had.
Yarra Valley Farms has good produce, a great grasp of seasonal produce, and problems are sorted out quickly which makes me happy.

Lex, Chef

Hotel, Richmond

I really can't fault Yarra Valley Farms. The best part of all is having Roger dedicated to our needs.

Joel, Soux Chef

Cafè, Richmond

Roger helps me save money by getting me the right produce for my needs.

Andrew, Head Chef

Hotel, East Brunswick

Yarra Valley Farms is a dependable company with great service, great prices and there is very rarely a problem.

Carol, Head Chef

Restaurant, South Yarra

Yarra Valley Farms has good produce backed by excellent service.

Eugiene, Head Chef

Hotel, Port Melbourne

Yarra Valley Farms are great to deal with, never let us down, have good produce, and fast professional service.

Stella, Manager

Club, Sandringham

Yarra Valley Farms has great service, value for money, and is a professional outfit.

Stewart, Head Chef