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Tailored Ordering

The Yarra Valley Farms Tailored Ordering system is a very important part of the way we service your needs. It is a system that allows us to be each chef's eyes and ears in the fruit markets and their mouth when we meet with our farmers. It basically means that from when we take each order, to when we buy our produce, to when we pack each order, right up to when we deliver, the service is tailored to each individual chef's needs, not the restaurant in the next suburb or the hotel around the corner. Sounds expensive? No way! In fact it can save you buckets of cash. It is the way we service each and every customer each and every day!

So how does this work? Simple. When we deliver to each chef, we do not just drop off the produce and forget about them. No, we have franchisees who think about the produce that each chef orders and makes sure that it is what they want and need. This is the key to saving money and having chefs completely satisfied.

tailoredTailored Ordering Form.pdf


Here at Yarra Valley Farms, we believe that the key to service is communication and this is one of the areas that we can really excel as a company. Communication is important for each and every chef. Via our network of owner-operated franchisees, the level of communication on product quality, price, and availability is unsurpassed.

Product Alternatives

Any chef knows that "apples aren't apples". This rule applies to most produce. But getting the right produce for your needs is not always a simple task. Yarra Valley Farms' Tailored Ordering System can help. A key advantage of our Tailored Ordering System is being able to provide Product Alternatives for chefs.

Information Slips

Yarra Valley Farms provides information slips on a daily basis, as needed, in order to provide each chef with instant information on price, quality, and availability in order to run their kitchens effectively.


Weekly newsletters are also provided by Yarra Valley Farms in order to give chefs updates about general quality issues, price issues, and what is in or out of season.