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Newsletter: Summer produce starts to end
Wednesday, 19 February 2014 12:07




Hello Chef’s, Owners and Managers,



Baby Spinach – The cooler weather has been a welcome relief for this line and we have an improvement in quality already.

Berries – Strawberries and Raspberries have improved in both quality and price this week.

Local Garlic – New Season Victorian Garlic is now readily available and is full of flavour.

Gala Apples – Beautiful new season produce is now well and truly in.  

Corn – Continues to be excellent value this week and the produce is beautiful.

Spring Onions – Beautiful produce in the market this week and a great alternative to chives as a topper. . Make sure to take advantage of our special this week.

Avocados – Shepherds are now in the market so prices have already started to come down this week and should drop again next week

New Season Potatoes – Beautiful freshly harvested local potatoes are now in market varieties include – Dutch Cream, Nicola, Toulagi Delight, King Edward, Sebago, Nadine, Chats, Maranca, Kifler and Desiree.

Heirloom Tomatoes – are now readily available. We have a great selection from local farmers so make sure you take advantage of this freshly harvested produce straight from farm.


Good Buys –

Tomatoes, Corn, Figs,  Grapes, Red Capsicum, Eggplant, Pumpkin,  Beetroot, Nectarines, Peaches, Plums, Beans, Limes, Zucchini.



Bananas – Prices remain high due to poor harvest yields. Farmers tell us that things will improve in the next couple of weeks.

Reed Avocado – Have finished for the season, so we will only be supplying Shepherds and Hass only.

Beans – Prices have increased as some of the major farms lost crops due to the heat in previous weeks.  

Spanish/Red Onions – The last of the Victorian Season produce is a coming to an end so the quality has been compromised. Beautiful new season South Australian produce will start next week.

Continental Cucumbers – Farmers tell us the extreme heat in South Australia has taken its toll and shelf life will be definitely compromised over the next couple of weeks. Suggest Lebanese or Aussie cucumbers as an alternative.

Cherries – Season is now over, although there is still some produce left the quality is very poor.

Apricots – Local produce is now finished however New Zealand produce is now available.

Mangoes –As we come to the end of the local season there is only Keitts and Kents now available. .

Soft Herbs – Good quality Coriander, Chervil and Dill are still proving hard to find. .

Local Asparagus – Only OS produce now available.



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